Preparing such an event can be quite a headache. Are you wondering what to organize in Krakow, Warsaw or Szczecin for a bachelor party? As a rule, it’s not just dinner or going to the club. Often on this occasion a team from the farthest corners of the world comes together to celebrate this unique evening together, so the organizer is under pressure to complete everything so that the fun goes in an interesting and possibly safe way. And today’s entry is about such events. To write this article, we collected our observations and experience from over 3 years of organizing stag nights at AxeNation locations from Krakow, Warsaw and Szczecin. Experience comes not only from our premises, but also from cooperation with various companies, clubs and attraction organizers for such events.

Here we go

The organization of the evening should start with gathering information about the budget we have, in this situation it is worth contacting each participant individually and determining how much money everyone can spend on the planned attractions. If we put the whole event ourselves, we will need information about the number of people – in most places you pay per person. A good idea is, for example, a group chat on Facebook, where you can easily determine most issues with the whole team. It is worth asking about the participants’ possibilities, maybe you have a moonshine in the team who will be happy to share their products and thus save on alcohol? About this later in the article.


It is important to plan the attractions in advance and, above all, get along with the manager or the person responsible for organizing your party in a place that interests you. Experience shows that the worst way for your wallet and health is to be nervously looking for entertainment under the influence of alcohol and already during the event. There would not be enough space on the blog to describe the stories of our clients telling about fraud in pseudo strip clubs or pseudo taxi drivers threatening and extorting money from drunk people. If you have the right budget, but you do not have time to organize the event, we sincerely recommend using the services of professional companies dealing with the organization of such events as e.g. the website. These companies are responsible for the course of your event, so you can be sure that you will get what you pay for. And now to the attractions. Below we have gathered the most popular attractions, but also a few unusual and niche recommended by us. Enjoy reading!

Axe Nation – axe throwing in Krakow, Warsaw and Szczecin

Axe Nation – axe throwing in Krakow, Warsaw and Szczecin

The list could not start differently. We think Axe Nation – axe throwing club is a very good way to organize part of a bachelor party. Our premises serve groups of up to 50 people, where in an unleavened and loose atmosphere you can train yourself for further battle in the city. We are open to your own alcohol for a small bottle fee (referring to the earlier part of the article) or use our bar equipped with different types of beers. If the team doesn’t know you, the ax tournament will perfectly integrate you, and the right dose of alcohol will improve your mood even more.

Axe Nation Throwing axes Szczecin:
Axe Nation Throwing axes Krakow:
Axe Nation Throwing axes Warsaw:

Cost: approx. PLN 40 / person


The classic of bachelor parties. Shooting with a AK47 or M4 is always as much fun as the first time. Shooting ranges offer various themed packages (e.g. shooting with weapons of cinema heroes). The cost of the game mostly depends on the amount of ammunition we plan to fire. Prices may vary depending on the location.

We recommend shooting ranges:


FSO shooting range:
PM Shooter:


Shooting Krakow:
Pasternik Shooting Range:


Delve GT:

Price: packages from 120 PLN / person

Escape room

Bardzo ciekawa alternatywa dla nudnych biforów. Pokoje zagadek od jakiegoś czasu na dobre zagościły na polskim rynku rozrywek, a ich popularność wydaje się stale rosnąć. W zależności od scenariusza Wasza grupa zostaje zamknięta na około 60 minut w pokoju z którego musicie się wydostać rozwiązując szereg bardzo zmyślnych łamigłówek i pokonująć wiele pomysłowych mechanizmów. Zdecydowanie polecamy zabrać się za nie na trzeźwo. Ceny zależne są od ilości osób biorących udział w grze.




Room Escape Warszawa

Cena: Od 36 PLN / osobę 

Bubble Football

A football match between teams closed in inflatable balls? Awesome concept! Only here you can run into a full opponent without the risk of a knockout! It is possible to play up to 32 players at once!



Price: individual offer


Some people cannot imagine a bachelor party without a limousine! To save money, we recommend looking at private offers at or Apart from brokers, we can save up to several hundred zlotys!


The bane of many bachelor parties. From experience, we recommend visiting a place that someone recommended to us or that we found online before organizing our event in it. It is worth talking to the manager and agree on the event conditions in advance so that everything goes in a good atmosphere. If we are organizing a party in another city, it is good to arrange everything by email.


Regardless of whether your budget involves shooting with traffic jams from Dom Perignon in The View in Warsaw, or an intimate party in one of Krakow’s pubs, it is worth organizing a bachelor party from a to in advance. Knowing the power and ideas of 20 drunken peasants, it is good to at least try to have a controlled course of your party, so that the head hurts only by the amount of alcohol consumed, not your wallets. We hope that we have inspired you in this article and helped you in your decision. Have fun !