We have something special for real tough ones! Axe throwing League by Axe Nation!

The Axe Nation ® League is not only about rankings and prizes, it is above all a chance for a weekly meeting filled with adrenaline with players who are second to none!
Since 2016, we have been organizing the first and largest Axe Throwing League in Poland, officially operating under the auspices of the IATF – International Axe Throwing Federation. We were the first in Europe to become a member of this global organization, and now we are the only one in our country. IATF is the organization that created the sport of axe throwing by setting the rules of competition, describing acceptable equipment and organizing competitions.
From 2021, Axe Nation ® organizes the Polish Axe Throwing Championships. Competitors achieving successes in the Axe Nation ® league have a chance to represent Poland at the International Axe Throwing Championships in Toronto, which takes place every year in June.
The league takes place seasonally, and the exact dates for the league of axes and championships are published on our facebook.
The achievements of Axe Nation ® League players can be tracked on the official IATF website Axescores.com

The prize sponsors during the league are: Militaria.pl, Browar Bojanowo, HardCoder,
as well as seasonal sponsors joining us every quarter.
Meanwhile, for the best axes, knives and all equipment, please visit the link


The most important information are presented below, including all the advantages associated with joining our league:
  • The league lasts for 8 weeks. The last week is intended for the final games.
  • During these 8 weeks each participant will have to play as many as 28 matches.
  • There are cash prizes for the top three and trofee.
  • The cost of participation in the league is PLN 250.
  • During the entire league, participants will have the opportunity to polish their skills during open sessions on selected days of the week.
  • The winners of the Axe Nation league of axes receive a wild card that allows them to participate in the Polish Championships without having to go through the eliminations.

The level of the axe league organized by Axe Nation is at a very high level, even on a global scale. Many players in the axe throwing league are in the top 10-20% of the world’s best players:
Multiple winner of the Axe Nation Kraków League – Mateusz Wrześniowski – 10%
Polish Champion 2021 and 2022 – Łukasz Bukowski – 15%
The best female axe thrower in Poland, owner of Axe Nation – Karolina Pach – 20%

We are part of The International Axe Throwing Federation, so today we can assure you that by joining us, you get a chance to continue your achievements abroad! The best have a chance to represent the Polish Axe Nation team at the annual IATC championship in Canada.


We are open every day from 12:00 to 21:00.
If you’re planning bigger party we are ready to stay late.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss further details of your event.