If you are looking for a venue for a truly unique event? Krakow? Katowice? You’ve come to the right place.

No matter what occasion you want to celebrate with your loved ones, friends or work colleagues, we can provide you and your guests with the best fun. Axe throwing is the perfect complement to a classic feast and quickly integrates guests, ensuring that the rest of the event proceeds in an even better atmosphere. This unusual solution will certainly intrigue all participants of the event and encourage them to take on new challenges.


From birthdays to product launches or various types of conferences, and even memorials, Axe Nation ® has been hosting countless unforgettable events since 2016. All our locations are designed to provide space for free, yet private fun, which works great for private events. In addition to organizing axe throwing tournaments and venue rental, we can provide catering, a DJ, additional attractions, and your favorite alcohol according to your needs. Our bar is stocked with many types of beer, including our own Axe Nation ® craft beers, but we also offer other types of drinks depending on the requirements of a particular group. We are flexible and open to our customers’ suggestions, which makes every special occasion event held with us unique and memorable.


The duration and exact flow of the event are always determined individually. Among our services, however, there is also a standard option, perfect for those who have never thrown axes before or are still undecided about the specific look and organization of the event. Everyone will find something for themselves and will be able to slowly start their adventure with our club. It is a great opportunity to celebrate in private or to organize, for example, corporate events and parties.

The Axe Nation ® basic offer includes mainly:

  • 1.5h of throwing axes,
  • private space with lanes only for you and your team,
  • a professional host/coach who will take care of your technique and fun
  • tournament in several games prepared by us,
  • advice on choosing the perfect beer in our bar

As companies very often are responsible for the organized celebratory events in our clubs, we take into account their needs and issue VAT invoices.

We are fully at your disposal! So if you are still considering organizing your event in a creative and memorable way, we invite you to contact the selected Axe Nation ® clubs! Together we will create the perfect evening for you and your guests.

A Great Addition to Other Activities

Axe throwing complements other entertainment forms wonderfully. Whether it’s dancing or an outdoor barbecue, axes add a unique touch to any event.

Unforgettable Memories

Photos of your guests with an axe in hand will surely become a hit on social media. Your event will be remembered as something special, a memory that guests will cherish for years.

If you want to give your guests more than just another party, choosing axe throwing is a bullseye! Book your event date now!


We are the oldest axe throwing club in Poland, and even Europe, thriving and developing in both the business sphere and the sports-league arena. Since 2016, we have been an official member of the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF), the only one in Poland and the first in this part of the world. Every year, we organize the Polish Axe Throwing Championships and the Axe Nation ® League, which is why our clubs meet all the safety standards that we also set and improve ourselves, and customer service at the highest level is our hallmark, as confirmed by numerous customer reviews on Tripadvisor and Google. So if you haven’t tried your hand at axe throwing yet, trust the best so you won’t be discouraged from this beautiful sport!

Trust Axe Nation ®!


Axe throwing is not just great fun but also offers numerous benefits for events. It’s more than just an attraction – it is an experience that will enrich any celebration and make it stand out. Providing such an activity guarantees an unforgettable evening. If you want to give your guests more than just another party, choosing axe throwing is a bullseye!

Axe throwing is gaining popularity as one of the most exciting and unique forms of entertainment. But why is it the perfect choice for a party? Here are some reasons.

A Unique Experience

In an era where many events seem routine, axe throwing offers something fresh and innovative. Your guests will surely talk about it long after the party ends! It’s an excellent opportunity to surprise participants with something they haven’t experienced before.

Team Building

Axe throwing requires not just strength but also cooperation and communication. It’s a fantastic way to strengthen bonds among participants. It’s also a chance for everyone to get to know each other in an unusual setting.

Healthy Competition

Throwing axes provides an opportunity for friendly rivalry. Tournaments or individual games can ignite the spirit of competitive sportsmanship while promoting healthy competition and teamwork.

For Everyone

Regardless of age or physical condition, anyone can learn to throw axes. Professional coaches ensure that everyone feels comfortable. There’s no better way to step out of one’s comfort zone than by trying a new skill.



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