Stag do in Krakow

Since 2016, we’ve been organizing the best stag dos in Krakow. A relaxed atmosphere, top-tier customer service, and professionalism – that’s what sets us apart. We assure you that axe throwing at Axe Nation is the perfect activity for a stag do in Krakow! Don’t believe us? Read on!


Here’s what we offer for a stag do in Krakow:

  • 1.5h of axe throwing,
  • Private space with lanes just for you and your crew,
  • A professional Axe Nation coach who will take care of your technique and ensure you have fun,
  • A tournament with several games we’ve prepared,
  • Advice on choosing the perfect beer at our bar,
  • The option to customize the party to the client’s expectations.

A stag do should be exceptionally extraordinary. That’s why we are open to your suggestions and ideas. Upon request, we can extend the fun time, provide catering, or add extra attractions.

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We are known for our excellent customer service and the familial atmosphere in our venues. Trust the oldest axe throwing club in Poland and organize your stag do in Krakow with us! Contact us, and we’ll organize a stag do in Krakow where the activities are unique and perfectly tailored to
you! Need a VAT invoice? We’ll issue it for you.

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Axes are thrown at a target from a distance of about 4.5 meters. After a short training session, where you’ll be familiarized with axe throwing techniques, you can play match-wise or tournament-wise. Especially for stag do participants, we can prepare a trophy – the Golden Axe for the best player in Krakow. And if there’s a tie, the opponents reach for our secret weapon – the heavy, over one-kilogram Big Axe.

Nothing like a bit of competition in a friendly, masculine group to feel the adrenaline. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and prove your manhood, strength, and precision in axe throwing?

Beware, this entertainment is only for the real tough guys!

Want to check off as many attractions as possible on your stag do and don’t have much time? We get it. The standard axe throwing session with us lasts 1.5 hours. It’s enough and thrilling. Axe Nation is located in the heart of Krakow, so getting to other entertainment spots will be quick and
easy. In the vicinity of our Grodzka Street, there are many nightclubs and bars which you can easily reach on foot. Thanks to the convenient location of Axe Nation Krakow, you can make the most of your time, enjoying both the exciting fun in the club and other attractions that Krakow has to offer. You don’t have to worry about long journeys or wasted time. Everything is within reach so that you can fully enjoy your stag do.

For those who like to party longer, we can customize the event to your liking – want to spend more time with us than 1.5h? No problem! We have organized many stag dos in Krakow until late, or rather, the early hours of the morning! We can organize practically everything for you!


  • Axe Nation® is the oldest and officially recognized as the best axe throwing club in Poland and Europe.
  • We have a championship team and venue – every year, we organize the Polish Axe Throwing Championships, and our coaches are esteemed competitors and even national champions.
  • Each of our venues has a unique style characteristic of the respective city.
  • Superb location in the center of Krakow.
  • The atmosphere and decor of the venue immediately set the mood for unforgettable moments with your crew.
  • Axe throwing is our passion.
Choose the best attraction for a stag do and come to us in Krakow!


Axe Nation® is an extraordinary place that provides both incredible fun and a real challenge. Our venue in Krakow is the cradle of axe throwing in Poland, as we were the ones who introduced this sport from across the ocean to this part of the world.

Come to us to experience unforgettable moments and feel the thrill of axe throwing in the oldest club of our continent! We fill the gap between a shooting range and a pub, offering the opportunity for virtually unlimited fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

On one hand, a masculine physical activity requiring strength, precision, and concentration. On the other, an excellent selection of beers and non-alcoholic drinks. You won’t find this combination anywhere else, providing a fantastic attraction for all participants of a stag do in Krakow.

Sounds good? What would you say if your coach could be the best female axe thrower in Poland? Hold tight – we haven’t even introduced you to the exciting game details yet!


Throughout the game, you will be under the care of our coach, who will masterfully introduce you to axe throwing techniques and rules. We will also explain the safety rules and watch over you throughout the event. Our lanes are properly secured, and the equipment is functional and checked before each event.

We are the only ones in Poland and the first in Europe to be a
licensed member of the International Axe Throwing Federation, which created this sport in 2006, so we set and monitor customer satisfaction and game safety standards.

Additionally, our coaches have completed first aid courses. So, you can focus on having a great time, knowing that you are under the care of professionals and the best coaches in Poland.

We will take care of your safety and provide an unforgettable axe-throwing experience.

Could there be anything better than flying axes, good music, the best crew, and cold beer?

stag do attractions in krakow!

Krakow, a city of extraordinary historical and cultural wealth, offers a wide range of attractions perfect for an unforgettable stag do. From the picturesque corners of the Old Town, through the lively bars of Kazimierz, to modern entertainments the city has to offer, the possibilities are almost endless.

One of the more exciting and original proposals is to spend the evening in places offering activities such as escape rooms, which will unleash your creativity and deductive skills, or dynamic laser tag sessions, providing adrenaline and memories you won’t forget for years.

For groups wishing to combine celebration with active time spending, Krakow also offers alternative attractions, such as cooking workshops, local drink tastings, or boat cruises on the Vistula River, allowing for both relaxation and fun in a unique style.

No matter what attractions you choose, Krakow will undoubtedly provide unforgettable experiences on your stag do, combining historical charm with modern entertainment. Choosing Axe Nation for your stag do attraction in Krakow guarantees not only great fun but also the opportunity to strengthen bonds between friends in an unusual and emotion-filled environment and the assurance that you are in the best hands in Europe!

You don’t believe we are the best idea for stag party in Krakow? We are in the first place on the Tripadvisor! Since 2016 we have been receiving Travelers’ Choice revards every year. Check our customers reviews:

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We are open every day from 12:00 to 21:00.
If you’re planning bigger axe throwing party we are ready to stay late. Please contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss further details of your event.