If you really want to surprise your woman or man, make an extraordinary surprise and simply bring your other half to Axe Nation.

An axe throwing date is a nice change of pace that can be surprising and an interesting, creative way to spend time together. Both of you will have the chance to learn something new and step away from the traditional ways of dating. This way, you create an unforgettable evening that you’ll long remember with a smile on your face.

Such a date idea is truly unforgettable! Both of you can showcase your skills, impress one another, and determine who truly takes the crown in this exciting activity.

What does a date night look like at Axe Nation?

For those who would like to organize a special evening with their other half, we offer a private room and a throwing lane for 1 or 1.5 hours. We also provide support from experienced coaches, who are official champions of Poland in axe throwing and thus guarantee gameplay at the highest level. Their primary task is to ensure the safety of the evening’s participants, but they will also take care of correct technique and good fun, while
ensuring your privacy. We, of course, also provide a full set of axes to unleash on our targets and throw out all negative emotions so you can fully enjoy each other’s company and create the perfect date night.

Are you in our city for the first time? Our team will gladly give you recommendations on where to best continue your romantic date night after visiting Axe Nation.

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An Extraordinary Atmosphere for an axe throwing date idea

Additional pleasure and excitement are guaranteed by a wide selection of beers at our bar and the unique atmosphere of our Axe Nation venues. They are designed to allow free and safe fun in your own circle, enabling the perfect planning of a date night. Visiting us in Krakow or Katowice, the Axe Nation team throughout your visit will take care of your comfort and will provide you with necessary support, advice, and assistance. So you don’t have to worry about anything and can focus entirely on each other.

Competing in the games we offer or supporting each other while learning axe throwing will surely strengthen mutual bonds and guarantee a great time spent together. The great flexibility in the organization and course of such an evening means that this date idea is an ideal solution for adrenaline lovers, as well as for those quieter individuals who would simply like to try something new.

Axe throwing … Can Be Romantic!

Looking for a unique date idea in Poland? In Kraków or Katowice? The traditional romantic outings like dinners, movies, and walks are lovely, but sometimes relationships thrive when both partners step out of their comfort zones and try something a little different. So, why not consider an activity that combines thrill, skill, and a touch of friendly competition?

Axe throwing, while it might sound intense, offers couples a chance to bond in ways they might not have imagined. The experience is about more than just hurling an axe towards a target. It’s about learning something new together, relying on each other for support and encouragement, and sharing both the triumphs and misfires. This dynamic activity fosters communication, trust, and brings out the playful side in both of you.

Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the midst of focusing on hitting the target, the world outside fades away, allowing couples to truly be present with each other. After all, nothing says ‘quality time’ like celebrating a bullseye or laughing off a wild throw together.

So if you’re wondering how to surprise your loved one and provide them with unique experiences, look no further, definitely bring your other half to the Axe Nation axe throwing club. We can guarantee that such a date idea will not be forgotten by anyone and will surely be listed among your shared extraordinary moments! By deciding to reserve a lane with the help of a professional coach, you can impress each other or show who really rules here, but most importantly have a great time together.

We invite you to check out our detailed offers and book space in our venue for yourselves!



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