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Are you planning an outdoor event and looking for an unusual attraction for your outdoor party?
How about axe throwing?
Axe Nation® will reach your outdoor event almost anywhere in Poland to enrich the event with a
unique attraction – axe throwing. With us, you will provide unforgettable experiences and exciting
entertainment to the participants of the party. What more could you want?

Look no further, as we guarantee a safe and repeatedly proven fun with Axe Nation®. Since 2016, we have been participating in outdoor events across the country, offering mobile axe throwing services, so original outdoor events are our specialty.


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The summer season is the perfect time to organize all kinds of outdoor events. Such an initiative can be a pretext for great fun, but for this idea to succeed, activities that completely engage participants are needed. Everyone agrees that attractions are the best part of an outdoor party.

Planning an event in the fresh air? Want to surprise participants with something truly unique and memorable? Introduce a sporty competition element? Stop! Look no further, choose axe throwing with Axe Nation® – the Polish champions. Axe throwing combines a bit of sporty competition with brilliantly simple entertainment. An axe throw releases negative emotions, fully engages, and lets you feel like a real Lumberjack or an action movie hero – what more could you want! It’s the most exciting attraction you can find! Suitable for any occasion and event scale. It’s always us who have the longest queue from the start of the event to the very end. Axe Nation® is not only the oldest axe throwing club in Poland.

We were the ones who brought this sport from across the ocean to Europe in 2016 and started the trend of throwing hatchets in our country, proudly leading it, providing our customers with the highest quality service. With us, every participant will be able to learn the correct technique and enjoy this exciting sport.


Participant and bystander safety is our top priority. We operate according to the highest safety standards of the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF), as the only ones in Poland and first in Europe officially its members.

That’s why we – Axe Nation – set the standards for safety and customer service in our country. Our coaches have been trained by the founders of Axe Nation and the best female axe thrower in Poland, and have also undergone first aid training, for which they have certificates, so we are
prepared for all eventualities. We properly secure our mobile lanes during the outdoor event. You just have great fun!

Of course, providing the necessary equipment is also our responsibility. We have professional axes and lanes that are carefully prepared for each outdoor event. Our equipment meets all safety standards and is regularly checked to ensure our clients have an excellent experience.


Our coaches love what they do – they are champions in axe throwing and eagerly share their passion with others. They will instruct participants on how to do it and take care of the fun dynamics. Maybe we’ll organize an individual tournament? Team tournament? And if you want, we can also bring our famous Big Axe – an impressive large axe weighing over one kilogram, adding even more excitement and challenges to the game! We really care about bringing positive impressions and emotions from our club in Krakow to your outdoor event.

The best part of axe throwing is that it’s simple and for everyone. After a brief introduction to the correct technique by our professional coaches, everyone can excel, or rather – hurl axes straight to the target. No special predispositions are needed. Regardless of age or gender, everyone can
try their hand at this discipline and feel a thrill of excitement. An axe throw is an attraction for anyone who wants to feel like a real tough guy and reveal their inner warrior.

From our experience, we know how much interest axe throwing arouses.
Huge! Usually, at outdoor events, a queue forms to us, and it’s the longest. It’s also an interesting spectacle. The repetitive sequence of the swing and throw can almost hypnotize. Important question – Where are we able to go? Wherever you need!


Why Axe Nation®? We are the oldest axe throwing club in Poland, and even Europe, so we are the country’s biggest experts you can trust. If you care about great fun, a friendly atmosphere, and organizing outdoor events at the highest level, entrust us with the entertainment side of your party. Our offer for outdoor events is flexible and largely depends on the client’s requirements. We started organizing outdoor events in Krakow, then Warsaw, and later in Katowice! We will come to
you anywhere in Poland! Krakow? Katowice? Or maybe Warsaw or another city? It‘s not a problem for us!

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Still not convinced? Check out our report from one of the outdoor events we organized for Miquido on our Instagram.


We have experience in conducting a variety of events. We often traveled from our base in Krakow to the outdoors to diversify our clients’ events. We have organized hundreds of such events. We always tried to make it unique for the client. And how diverse they were!

We’ve been the main attraction at outdoor weddings. We provided entertainment at boho bachelorette and bachelor parties. We served crowds at corporate events organized for hundreds of participants. We have gathered so much experience that providing wonderful entertainment for
all participants has become second nature to us, and we simply can’t do otherwise. Professionalism is our middle name. What would be the third? Flexibility. We are distinguished by an individual approach to the client. Tell us what you expect, and we will tailor the offer to you!

We will do everything to meet your requirements. Each commission as an outdoor event attraction is considered individually. In short, we know what we are doing. Whether it’s in Krakow, Katowice, or another city where we have a location, or at an outdoor event – we guarantee unforgettable emotions, safety, and professionalism at the highest level!

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