Organizing a special event, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, requires careful planning and consideration of many aspects. Two of the most important are guest safety and the ability to customize the space to individual needs. In Cracow, a city with a rich cultural offering and numerous rental locations, choosing the right venue for a special event can be crucial for the success of the occasion. If you want your special event to be successful, we can help! Below you will find our tips on how to find the right venue for a special event in Cracow.

Renting a Space for Special Events in Cracow

When selecting a venue and space for special events in Cracow, it is important to consider several key issues. Firstly, location – Cracow, with its diversity and accessibility, offers a wide range of places, from historic palaces to modern conference halls. It is essential that the space is easily accessible for guests, whether they are coming from different parts of the city or from outside. Renting a space for a special event is the first step to a successful evening.

Safety Comes First

Guest safety is a priority when organizing any event. Ensure that the chosen space for a special event in Cracow meets all safety standards, including a sufficient number of emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment, and an alarm system. Additionally, it is worth considering hiring security, especially if you are planning a larger event, particularly during the night hours. Besides technical aspects, the professionalism of the staff working at the venue you choose to visit is very important. They must be specialists, appropriately trained, and possessing the required qualifications, whether you plan to rent a restaurant, bar, escape room, shooting range, or an axe throwing club. In the case of the latter, it is especially important to be in the hands of the best of the best to fully and safely experience the attractions.

Space Customization

Every event is different and requires an individual approach. A space and venue for a special event should offer the possibility to customize the space according to the specifics of the event. Whether you are planning an elegant dinner, a dance evening, or an intimate meeting – the space should be flexible and allow for various arrangements. So, if you care about an individual approach and want to create an evening tailored to your needs, look for a venue that does not take a template approach to customers and is open to adjusting to your requirements. Some places also offer additional attractions and collaborate with other venues and companies in the city, allowing them to fully create and organize your special event in Cracow, especially if you care about getting every detail right. Therefore, remember these aspects because renting a space for special events is not so simple and is key to the success of a successful party.

Choosing a Venue and Space for Special Events in Cracow

When deciding to rent a space for a special event in Cracow, it is crucial to consider several additional aspects:

  • Capacity and Amenities – Ensure that the venue can accommodate all guests and has the appropriate amenities, such as a sound system, lighting, and seating, as well as other options that are important to you.
  • Catering and Menu – Some venues and spaces offer their own catering services. Check if you can adjust the menu to the needs of your guests, including vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options. If these venues have gastronomic facilities, and you are interested in catering, ask about the possibility of organizing food on your own or through external companies. It’s also possible that the venue cooperates with a catering company.
  • Parking Availability – If many guests plan to come by their own transport, it is important that the space for a special event has access to parking. Inquire whether parking is additionally charged and how far it is from the venue. If you choose a place in Cracow’s Old Town, be prepared that it may not have its own parking. Therefore, ask where to best leave the car and how to get to the venue for your special event.
Organizing a Special Event in Cracow

Organizing a Special Event in Cracow Step by Step

Organizing a special event and renting the right space or entire venue in Cracow can be easier than it seems if you follow a few key guidelines that will also help you in choosing the right place:

Defining the Purpose and Budget

Clearly define the purpose of the event and set a budget. This will help in making decisions regarding the choice of the venue and other organizational elements.

Choosing the Date and Location

Select a date and book a space for special events in Cracow well in advance to ensure that the venue will be available.

Planning the Menu and Catering

Consider the dietary preferences of your guests and choose suitable catering. Don’t forget about options for people with allergies and special diets.

Entertainment and Decorations

Decide on the forms of entertainment you want to provide (DJ, live band, thematic attractions) and what the place decoration should look like for your special event.

Communication with Guests

Inform your guests about all important details of the event, such as dress code, theme, or detailed schedule.


Ensure that the venue meets all safety standards, has the necessary firefighting equipment, and an alarm system. Also, consider hiring security, especially for larger events.

Price and Budget

Ensuring the rental costs align with your budget is a key aspect when choosing a location. Consider different options and negotiate terms if possible.

Reviews and References

Ask for opinions from others who have used the venue for their events. Good references can help in making the right choice.

Our Recommendations for Renting a Space for Special Events in Cracow

Choosing the location and place for a special event in Cracow is very important, but in our city, there are thousands of restaurants, clubs, cafes, and venues specializing in special events, so we know that even with a full plan, it is not always easy to choose the final place. Therefore, we have prepared a list of venues worth considering when you are looking for a space for a special event in Cracow.

special events in cracow

Here are our recommendations:

Axe Nation – Axe Throwing Club

For those looking for something original and exciting, Axe Nation is an ideal choice. This club offers not only unconventional entertainment in the form of axe throwing but also comfortable conditions and professional service. Perfect for team-building events, birthdays, or bachelor parties. It is the oldest axe throwing club in Europe, meeting all safety standards, and the entire team consists of the best professionals and champions of our country. Remember, when choosing an axe throwing club for a Special Event safety is very important. Axe Nation is the only club in Poland officially certified by the international organization IATF, which created this sport, and is the organizer of the Polish Championships, so you will be in the best hands.

Palace in Podgórze

This historic palace is a great choice for those who want an elegant and stylish setting for their event. Its classic interiors and beautiful gardens are the perfect backdrop for weddings, banquets, or galas.

Wierzynek Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Cracow, known for its exquisite cuisine and unique atmosphere. Wierzynek Restaurant is an excellent choice for elegant celebrations and special occasions.

Prozak 2.0 Club

For those looking for a place with a modern twist, Prozak 2.0 offers a unique combination of a nightclub and event space. Ideal for younger groups and those who want to experience the dynamic nightlife of Cracow.

Stary Hotel

A luxurious hotel in the heart of Cracow, offering elegant banquet and conference halls. Ideal for those who expect the highest quality services and unforgettable experiences.

Bagatela Theatre

For lovers of art and culture, the Bagatela Theatre offers the possibility of renting its spaces for various types of events. A unique atmosphere and creative environment will ensure that every event is special.

Polish Aviation Museum

Offering extraordinary interiors among exhibits related to aviation, the museum is a great place for organizing thematic events and corporate gatherings.

Each of these venues offers something unique and can be a key element that will make your special event in Cracow truly unforgettable. These venue suggestions in Cracow for renting a space for special events have been chosen to reflect the diversity and cultural richness of the city, while offering unique experiences for organizers and their guests.

Summary – Success Lies in the Details

Remember, the success of your special event in Cracow depends on details and careful planning. Safety, space customization, quality of service, and atmosphere are key elements that will contribute to unforgettable experiences for your guests. Detailed planning and a conscious choice of a space for special events in Cracow are the foundations that will help you create an event that the whole city will talk about.