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Welcome to Axe Nation – a place where team building and corporate events in Katowice reach a whole new level. Trust the pioneers of axe throwing in Europe and let us organize the best corporate team building event in Katowice you have ever experienced!

What do we offer for a team building event in Katowice?


  • 1.5 hours of axe throwing,
  • Private space with lanes just for you and your team,
  • A professional coach who will take care of your technique and fun,
  • A tournament in several games we have prepared,
  • Advice on choosing the perfect beer in our bar,
  • The option of additional catering,
  • The possibility of extending the party also beyond standard opening hours.

In an era where team cohesion is key to the success of any company, we offer a solution that not only integrates your team but also provides unforgettable emotions and experiences. Axe throwing at Axe Nation is a unique attraction that brings people together regardless of their age,
gender, or position in the company.

Why is Axe Nation the best choice for team building and corporate events in Katowice?

We are the oldest axe throwing club in Europe! Axe Nation is not just a place where you can throw an axe. It is a space where teams are built, strengthened, and motivated. Axe Nation is a leader in organizing corporate events, introducing an innovative dimension to integration. Our experience and passion for axe throwing ensure that every event is not only unique but also safe and professionally prepared.

Located in the heart of Katowice, we are easily accessible and ready to welcome teams of any size. Our events are designed to bring out the best in each participant – both in terms of physical skills and the ability to work in a team. We welcome not only companies located in Katowice but also in Gliwice, Sosnowiec, Zabrze, and all over Silesia!

What sets us apart?

Professional axe throwing lanes – our facilities are equipped with the best, safe lanes where everyone can try their hand under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Individual approach – we understand that each company and team are unique. We customize our events in Katowice to the needs of the group, providing attractions that best match its character and expectations.

Integrated experience – in addition to axe throwing, we offer a full range of additional attractions, such as team-building workshops, top-notch catering, and comfortable relaxation spaces.

What does a corporate event in Katowice at Axe Nation look like?

Every event at Axe Nation is a journey through a world of emotions, competition, and fun. We start with a short training session where participants learn the techniques and rules of safe axe throwing. Then we move on to the heart of the action – competition and team games that cement bonds between coworkers.

Throughout the team-building event in Katowice, we have a bar
serving around 30 types of beers, including our own crafts! The whole experience can be topped off with catering tailored to the group’s preferences and relaxing time at the end of the event.

Why is axe throwing a perfect idea for a corporate event in Katowice?

Axe throwing at Axe Nation is not only great entertainment but also a unique form of activity that brings many benefits both on an individual and team level. It is an excellent way to develop and perfect skills that are crucial not only during this activity but also in everyday life and work.

Focus and precision – Axe throwing requires concentration and accuracy. Participants learn how to focus their attention on the target and control their movements to achieve the desired result. These skills are invaluable in many aspects of professional life, where focus and precision translate into the quality and efficiency of work.

Teamwork – Although axe throwing may seem like an individual activity, it actually promotes cooperation and team building. Organized competitions and team challenges strengthen the spirit of competition but also teach mutual support, communication, and strategy planning. Employees learn how their individual actions affect the results of the entire team, which is the foundation of effective collaboration in the workplace.

Healthy competition – Axe throwing triggers healthy competition, where participants can measure themselves in a friendly atmosphere. This form of competition is constructive as it motivates to improve one’s own skills while admiring and learning from the achievements of others. Healthy competition in the workplace can lead to improved motivation, productivity, and innovation.

Detachment from everyday life – Axe throwing allows for a momentary detachment from daily duties and stresses. It is an excellent opportunity to relax and unwind, which is extremely important in maintaining a good balance between professional and private life. Participants can forget about work and focus on the moment, enjoying a new experience.

Building relationships – Shared experiences provided by axe throwing foster the building of stronger bonds between employees. Common fun and challenges bring people closer, allow for the exchange of experiences, and build a sense of belonging to a group. Strong relationships between employees are the foundation of effective and integrated team work.

Plan unforgettable team building and corporate events
in Katowice with Axe Nation

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