Event idea

There are many places on the market suitable for organizing a corporate event, but we can boast of extraordinary originality.

We offer organization of teambuilding events in stationary clubs in 3 major Polish cities, as well as individual and outdoor events. We are very popular and we are distinguished by an individual approach to each person interested in this event can take place according to your arrangements and your climate.

As an organizer of teambuilding events, we realize that the scenario of the event must be tailored to the organizational culture of a particular unit and should meet different needs. When organizing an event, we are aware that it has a purpose, e.g. getting to know the rest of the team or improving relationships between people from different departments who have little contact with each other on a daily basis. Integration will also work great to improve communication in a company by establishing relationships between employees and managerial staff on less formal grounds. Joint integration is the best way to get out of the work routine and a way to rest and regenerate strength needed to take a fresh look at company projects and to meet business challenges. We have already completed hundreds of events and thousands of satisfied guests have left our club. Learning the technique together with the instructor, later match and competition is a great way to integrate employees, as well as to select a group leader and highlight the event we celebrate. Our experienced technical team will organize the event comprehensively at the time you specify. We will reach the destination, set up a fixed number of positions and ensure that everything works as it should. Your only concern will be the choice of games and applications that event participants will play.
Our entertainment is throwing axes to the shields and is a sport straight from Canada. Specially prepared and properly secured boxes, an interesting and different from the rest of this type of club atmosphere of the place and the constant help of the trainer made us the best-rated entertainment in Poland on the internet.
The emergence of a new sport in Poland – throwing axes – has gained a lot of fans in our country, but it is even more popular among foreign companies. Our rules, scoring and a number of rules were obtained from the founders of this sport in Canada, which is why we were the only ones in Poland to join the NATF organization.

So that everyone gathered can participate in the game and have fun, our trained coaches watch for everyone after a few minutes to make sure that every player, both man and woman, will be able to fight on an equal footing.

We operate efficiently in integration events, which is why our marketing is at your disposal 24 hours a day. We usually create personalized offers within a few hours of your inquiry in a competent manner by contacting the customer and determining the details of the event. Trying to meet the growing expectations of customers, we are constantly buying new equipment and expanding our offer to meet everyone’s needs.

The club is equipped with comfortable seating for up to 50 people and 5 throwing tracks. We prefer open spaces, so during the event all participants can be together, compete and try many games and techniques. We also offer special trophies for winners and a very wide list of tournaments.
We organize turnkey teambuilding events. While playing ax throwing, in addition to organizing the game, we also provide concert sound system, the ability to organize presentations, conferences and a wide range of catering from the best restaurants of the city.

On site we also have a bar with drinks and a wide range of beers to choose from, where everyone will surely find something for themselves.

Catering offers are prepared individually according to your nutritional recommendations and notes.



We are open every day from 12:00 to 21:00.
If you’re planning bigger party we are ready to stay late.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss further details of your event.