The weekend is marked by heavy rain clouds, from which it almost constantly rains. What to do in Krakow when it rains? You definitely won’t be sitting at home! See what you can do in the city when the weather is hopeless outside. Check out the best offers and indoor activities in Cracow!

Jump on the trampolines!

Jump on the trampolines! The inhabitants of Krakow have at their disposal two large trampoline parks – in Czyżyny on ul. Centralna and on ul. Craft. It is an ideal proposition for singles, friends and entire families with children. A rainy weekend in Krakow? What to do in Krakow when it rains? Indoor activities in Cracow.

Go to the theater!

Go to the theater! What like what, but there is no shortage of theaters in Krakow! Choose an interesting show, buy tickets and take your better half. For the serious ones, we recommend the Słowacki Theater, for those who want to laugh – Bagatela. A rainy weekend in Krakow? What to do in Krakow when it rains?

Splash in the water

Splash in the water And in this case we don’t mean Bagrów or the bathing beach in Brzegi. In rainy weather, take a swim in the Krakow aquapark. A rainy weekend in Krakow? What to do in Krakow when it rains?

Do you like art? Go to MOCAK!

Do you like art? Go to MOCAK! So … the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. There you will see exhibitions and exhibits that can really surprise you.

Discover Krakow’s underground!

Here the rain won’t get you. If you haven’t been there yet – don’t admit it. Better go and see! A rainy weekend in Krakow? What to do in Krakow when it rains?

Pobudź podniebne zmysły!

Stimulate your sky-high senses! Few restaurants in Krakow? Certainly not! You can use it and go to an exclusive dinner that will delight even the most demanding palates. After all, once in a while you can, right? A rainy weekend in Krakow? What to do in Krakow when it rains?

Find your inner Viking by throwing axes! The best indoor activities in Cracow

Compete with your friends in an axe throwing competition at Axe Nation []. Venue is located at Grodzka 46 street, very close to the main square. They have an amazing staff and you can bring your own alcohol to the spot! It is one of the highest rated attractions in Cracow and you definitely don’t want to miss this one! Check the pricing at book you game on their website [Axe Nation].

Talk to the parrots!

Talk to the parrots! In Krakow you can talk to parrots! All you have to do is go to one of the parrots’ houses, e.g. on the Main Square or on ul. Wielicka.

The Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze Wading through the maze can be a challenging task, especially when every corner looks the same because it’s a mirror image of the previous one. A 30-meter long maze with mirrored corridors will provide a lot of experience for both parents and children. Hundreds of mirrors that make up it will effectively make it difficult to leave, and the atmospheric music and changing lights will intensify the atmosphere of the puzzle with no way out.

An offer for adults!

An offer for adults! When you feel sad, when you feel bad – go to the club, have fun! This is an ideal proposition for those who want fun and a bit of madness, especially on a rainy weekend;)

Escape room? Why not!

Escape room? Why not! Do you want to experience the adventure of your life? Go to the escape room. Your task will be to get out of the locked room. You like horrors? Or maybe you prefer adventure? In Krakow you will find the perfect rooms for yourself!

Shopping Sunday – go shopping!

Shopping Sunday – go shopping! Do you suffer from a chronic lack of time? On a trade Sunday, you can go to the gallery and finally refill or replace your wardrobe!