How to organize a bachelor party in Poland so that it is a fantastic memory and an unforgettable event?
First of all, throw away anything you think about the bachelor party. Approach it with an open mind.
The bachelor party is infamous (mainly thanks to future brides) and most of us associate it with a heavily drunk party, nightclubs and a stripper in the background. Something like the movie “The Hangover”.
Yes, I agree that some stag parties look like that, but they don’t have to.
Because it’s your wedding and your bachelor party. That’s why you decide what you want it to look like.
And it should also be added that the offer in this topic is still growing. All because more and more future brides are not interested in this “classic” bachelor entertainment.
Besides, in fact, it’s not about how you do it, it’s about celebrating together this unique event that will never happen again.

Who is organizing a bachelor party in Poland?

There is no single answer here.
Most often it is done by a witness, possibly by a friend, if he is not a witness.
Sometimes the organization of a bachelor party takes place in cooperation with the groom, and sometimes it is a surprise party.
Another option is to organize a bachelor party, exclusively or mainly, by the groom.
It all depends on the specific situation and how you make an appointment.

Who to spend a bachelor party with?

With your loved ones! This is crucial both at a hen and a bachelor party.
More is not better.
This is a unique event, so it is worth making sure that the atmosphere is good as well.
Let there be only people at the bachelor party who will have fun and really want to spend this evening with you. Don’t invite those who like to fuss and spoil everyone around you.

How to organize a bachelor party in Kraków or Warsaw – going to a club / pub

So we start with the classic “going out into the city”.
The advantage of this idea is certainly that it does not require more organization, it can be implemented in most towns and does not involve any special costs.
However, you already know your city inside out. And while nothing new has opened, you’ve been to all the cool places. So how do you organize a bachelor party so that a simple idea becomes a bit more interesting?
Firstly, you can take a short trip to another city and go crazy in places you don’t know yet.
It might be a weekend trip, but you might as well get on a train / bus / plane in the afternoon and come back in the morning. Either way, it will be an adventure. We really recommend the biggest and the most party-driven polish cities: Warsaw, Kraków, Wroclaw, Poznan and three-city.

Check pubs here.

Secondly, another way is to prepare special tasks for the bachelor party.
What kind? You can try to invent them on your own or use ready-made tasks and games for a bachelor party available on the Internet for free or available for purchase.

How to organize a bachelor party in Kraków or Warsaw – Axe Throwing!

That’s the best option if you want to combine drinking alcohol and actively spending time with your squad. Only Axe Nation offers this kind of activity in two of their locations: Warsaw, Postępu 3 street and Kraków Grodzka 46 street. This is an amazing way to spend your stag do because the vibe there is very easy going and you can easily get to the best clubs and other places afterwards.

Axe throwing is as exciting as it sounds. You will be throwing small and big hatchets at the wooden boards and the Axe Nation coaches will organize axe throwing tournaments for you. You can even order a golden axe as a trophy with engraved name of the stag!

Check their website for more info and book now!


So let’s move on to a completely different proposal. How to organize a bachelor party ensuring unusual entertainment, a dose of adrenaline and an unforgettable experience?
Go on a quad bike!
Who of you does not dream about an off-road trip, racing a bit off-road and experiencing a crazy adventure. The advantage of quads is certainly the fact that, thanks to the short training and the care of the instructor, basically everyone has the opportunity to try driving a quad.
In addition, you can choose a route prepared in advance by the instructors or create a new one especially for your evening.
But the fun doesn’t have to end with quad bikes!
You can choose the calmer version and combine it with a fire, or choose the party version, get in a limo and go to the club.

Laser Paintball

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the classic paintball with balls, you can also go for laser paintball.
The main difference is that if someone shoots you down, you do not hit with a ball of paint, because the operation of the equipment is based on an infrared wave.
Like classic paintball, laser paintball can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are no restrictions in this regard.

How to organize a bachelor party in Poland – shooting range

If, on the other hand, paintball is not enough for you and you prefer to deal with real weapons, organize a trip to the shooting range.
Then, under the supervision of professionals, you can learn the basic principles of shooting, or improve your technique if you have had contact with it before.

How to organize a bachelor party in Poland – a trip for the weekend

If you really want to get away from everyday life and the entire organization of the wedding and allow yourself only to celebrate a bachelor party – leave! At least for the weekend.
It doesn’t have to be a long trip. The point is to leave home for a while, have a crazy weekend and come back. What happens on the bachelor stays on the bachelor.
You can combine the trip with any of the previously mentioned attractions.
You can go to the mountains for a cottage, and in the meantime go to survival or paintball.
Or the other way – go to Tri-City, go on a quad bike, and then elegantly go to the club to Monciak in Sopot.
Whatever you decide, organize some entertainment for yourself. Don’t sit idly by, but also don’t overdo it. You don’t need to have every minute scheduled.