Frequently Asked Questions


Axe Throwing – Basic Information

How to Throw an Axe?

Where Can You Throw Axes?

What Are the Dimensions and Weight of an Axe?

Can You Bring Your Own Equipment for Throwing?

What Are the Rules for Throwing Axes?


Availability, Prices, Promotions, and Opening Hours

How Much Does Axe Throwing Cost?

Are There Any Discounts or Coupons for Axe Throwing?

Is Prior Reservation Required?

What Are the Opening Hours?

What Does Walk-in Mean?


Sports Competitions in Axe Throwing – League and Competitions

Is There an Axe Throwing League?

Are the Polish Axe Throwing Championships Organized?

Are there World Championships in Axe Throwing?


Reservations and Progress of Attractions

How Long Does an Axe Throwing Session Last?

How Large a Group Can Participate in Axe Throwing?

What Does a Visit to Axe Nation Include?

How to Book Axe Throwing?

Can I Rent an Axe Throwing Lane for Myself, for One Person?

What if the Number of People in My Group Changes?

What if I want to change the date of my reservation or cancel it?

What if I am late for my reservation?


Preparing for the Visit

What should I bring with me to Axe Nation?

What is the best attire for axe throwing?

Do I need to arrive early before my visit?

Can we come with a companion or companions who are not throwing axes?


Location and Amenities

Is parking available?

Can I reach Axe Nation by public transportation?

Is private transportation to Axe Nation possible?

What additional attractions are offered during axe throwing?

Is there a place to sit and eat and drink at the venue?

Can disabled persons participate in axe throwing?

Is the venue air-conditioned?



Is axe throwing safe?

Can you drink alcohol/beer while throwing axes?

What is the minimum age or other restrictions?

Can pregnant women throw axes?

Are we covered by insurance during the axe throwing attraction?


Occasions and Opportunities

Is axe throwing suitable for a date?

Is axe throwing an activity for a bachelor party?

Is axe throwing an attraction for a bachelorette party?

Do women throw axes? Is it a sport for women?

Can you organize a private party with axe throwing?

Can you organize a corporate event?

Can you organize an axe throwing tournament for a company?


Drinks, Food, and Catering

Is food and drinks available on site?

Can you bring your own food or cake and champagne?

Can you order food, catering from an external company or restaurant?