Your most important day in your life is about to come. Wedding and wedding are getting closer. You and your significant other have already ticked off all the items from your wedding checklist, except … the organization of a bachelor party. Plus a bachelorette party. There is a lot of work ahead of you before you come up with the perfect bachelor party idea! You’ve come to the right place! We will tell you what to do to make this event an unforgettable experience and how to arrange it in a completely different, original way. Here are 9 ideas for a bachelor party.

The idea for a bachelor party in Cracow: organization

The script of the bachelor party does not have to be inspired by the legendary film series “The Hangover”. You don’t have to spend it in a nightclub for a drink party. If the plan of the event is tailored to the preferences and character of the Groom and the Guests selected by him, it will certainly be a successful evening, despite the fact that it is less flourishing and without a live tiger at the table. How to organize an unforgettable bachelor party step by step?

Who is responsible for the organization of the bachelor party?

A good and accurate choice of a Witness is the basis for the success of a bachelor party. Eventually, the one or more Witnesses you have just selected takes command of this project. It is He or They, as in the case of the bachelorette party, who are responsible for the entire scenario of the event and the last button of all details. They will surely need your inspirations and ideas, so any suggestions on your part are welcome. This is your bachelor party and you should have fun above all, so let the Witness – the organizer know your vision and expectations.

Guest list for a bachelor party in Cracow

This is the groom’s job. First of all, you have to choose the people with whom you would like to spend this dream party. None of your closest friends can miss it. This list of guests, preferably with direct contacts, is given to the Groom to the Witness, who then invites all the chosen ones to this legendary event.

Attractions for a bachelor party in Cracow

… All attractions and activities should be consistent. They are supposed to fit the whole concept – the main theme of the bachelor party. In this case, a themed party may work well. A concrete action plan and ideas are critical to the success of the action. You can prepare such a concept for the Witness right away or bet on his creativity and ingenuity.

Stag party attractions must also be included in the entire budget of the bachelor party, which the Witness should consult with the invited guests. There will also be logistics, accommodation, food and drinks. A stag weekend can cost from several hundred to even over PLN 1000 per person, so it is worth making everyone aware of how much the premium will be from the very beginning.

The most popular attractions:

The concept and the budget are fixed. So what always works at bachelor parties?

  • Axe throwing in Axe Nation! Guys always like to compete and throw sharp stuff. An axe throwing range is a great location and idea for male integration. You can bring your own alcohol too and staff is very friendly and professional! Check the prices and availability here : Pricing.
  • MIĘDZYMIASTOWA – Amazing place, situated in Krakow between the old and the ‘new’ city. Inspired by the cuisine, tastes and customs of cities from LA, NY through Berlin to Tokyo.
  • Stag weekend: canoeing or bike trip. 1. Such trips for kayaks or bicycles are always a good idea for an attraction during a stag weekend. Inexpensive and unique idea for a bachelor party with the future groom.
  • Survival weekend. Wading in mud, wading through rivers and thickets, sleeping in a hut in the middle of the forest, climbing trees, night forest games – this and much more you can experience during the survival weekend.
  • Go-karts or quads. If there are more speed and motoring fans in your team, you can go as a whole group for a bachelor party on go-karts or on quad bikes. A pinch of competition and the sound of screeching tires is something that always works in the male group.