Axe throwing is a sport that has been around since 2006, yet it remains relatively unheard of. The topic is particularly interesting and important for us Poles because it was in our country that the first axe throwing club in Europe officially affiliated with the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) was established in 2016. Thanks to Axe Nation and its current owner Karolina Pach, this sport has become an international discipline and was introduced to Europe.

Axe Throwing – A New Kind of Sport

Axe throwing is a sport where precision, focus, and consistency are paramount, not brute physical strength and power, hence women play an exceptional role here. It is one of the few sports where women and men compete together without gender division. Therefore, we are breaking all stereotypes and want to show the world that sharp axes and sensitive women are a perfect combination. The best female axe thrower in Poland – Karolina Pach – has dedicated the last few years of her life to developing this sport on our continent, especially in Poland. Despite many adversities such as the pandemic and the war beyond our eastern border, she has developed the discipline of axe throwing by organizing the Polish Axe Throwing Championships every year and regularly hosting a sports league played according to IATF rules.

Moreover, she creates a community that brings together axe throwing enthusiasts, the best players in Poland, creating a national team, which she plans to send to the World Championships in the coming years. It can be said that Karolina sucked the predisposition for sports from her mother’s milk since Karolina’s mother was a multiple Polish archery champion, being on the national team, so the sports fervor and spirit of competition are in her blood.

karolina pach and her story

Axe Throwing and the Sport’s Popularity

Currently, axe throwing is gaining more and more popularity, and more venues are emerging not primarily aimed at spreading this unique sporting discipline but its commercial use. For us at Axe Nation, the sport, passion, and desire to create a family, i.e., bringing together people with a common passion, will always come first.

The continuous development of this sport in Poland aims to maintain the global level of competitions and players (Polish players are in the best 10-20% of players in the world according to the IATF ranking), and in the future, even organize the European Championships. Currently, Karolina Pach is not an active player, having dedicated her playing career to the development of the company and the sports organization, to create better conditions for Polish players and the development of this sport in Poland.

Every year we gain new sponsors who help us acquire funds for motivating prizes, as well as for business trips and winning medals worldwide. The Axe Nation community consists of people united by a passion for axe throwing, a sport not yet tainted by unhealthy competition and ambition at any cost, characterized by fair play, mutual support, and a common goal – to spread the passion for axe throwing and create a wonderful community.

If you would like to get to know us better, we invite you to watch our materials and join the Axe Nation league!

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