Tired of stereotypical bachelorette activities? Running out of ideas, and yet another party is on the way? We have some ideas for a bachelorette party that you’ve never experienced before!

Why not go wild and break all the stereotypes about “girly” activities? The division between bachelorette and bachelor party attractions is becoming outdated; more and more women also want a proper dose of adrenaline and extreme adventures. We’re all for it! A bachelorette party is often the most important event in many women’s lives, so it must be unique and exceptional. Often, bachelorette activities aren’t as original and interesting as those for stag dos, so we’re here to change that! We present you with bachelorette party ideas that will give you a thrill!

Quad Biking for a Bachelorette Party

If you’re not afraid of mud, grease, and the smell of exhaust fumes, a quad bike ride through wild terrain will be the perfect idea for you. We definitely recommend comfortable clothing, and perhaps a spare set, because this attraction takes place outdoors, so sometimes the weather might surprise you with rain and muddy masks, which you’ll have to wash off later. It’s the perfect option to properly wake up and prepare for further evening attractions.

Limousine Rental for a Bachelorette Party

A ride in a fancy limousine is an excellent idea for those girls who don’t like to get dirty and prefer to spend their time in a comfortable and luxurious way. So what’s special about it? This time, you’re the boss. Many companies offer limousine rental with a sexy chauffeur, or additionally, a Magic Mike show in the limousine during the ride. Glasses up, this time the girls rule!

Shooting Range as a Bachelorette Party Attraction

The smell of gunpowder can be addictive and pleasant for many. Add to that the accelerated heartbeat, adrenaline in the veins, and competition between a group of women wanting to have fun. Sound like the perfect bachelorette idea? Absolutely! Women are often underestimated in this field, yet they sometimes have a sharper eye than many men. Organizing a bachelorette party at a shooting range gives you the chance to show some men that it’s better not to mess with you!

Additionally, it’s a good idea to place photos or posters on the target that you want to shoot at. Many such places have special pink Glocks with crystals in their collection!

ideas for bachelorette party

Luxury Super Car Rental for a Bachelorette Party

Women are fantastic drivers! Unfortunately, driving is often considered a typically male activity. Nothing could be further from the truth! Moreover, for motoring enthusiasts, renting a supercar will be the perfect idea for a bachelorette party! This attraction takes place on a specially prepared racetrack, where you can test your skills and race each other. The choice is yours: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti? The sky’s the limit!

Remember, however, to choose this attraction at the beginning of the evening, as sobriety is required for those who will drive. So first a fast drive, then a good party, not the other way around!

Bumper Ball for an Active Bachelorette Party

This is an interesting activity that involves playing soccer… in inflatable balls! An unconventional idea but interesting and worth trying, especially if the future bride is a sports fan, and her guests are not necessarily. It will be the perfect compromise to ensure a dose of competition and movement for the bride while at the same time providing comfort for the other bachelorette party attendees who are not necessarily fond of sports, as it will primarily be great fun topped with a lot of laughter. All collisions with each other or the ground will be cushioned thanks to the inflatable balls, avoiding any bruises that might not heal before the wedding.

Axe Throwing as a Bachelorette Party Attraction

If you like adrenaline, competition, great fun, and good beer, then this is the ideal attraction for your bachelorette party. Why? Axe throwing is a sport and entertainment for everyone, from accountants, through IT specialists, models, teachers, to lawyers. Regardless of profession and lifestyle, everyone falls in love with this activity from the first throw. It’s not a demanding activity, so you can participate even in short dresses and heels, and at the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to play a match and compete, all to good music, in a private room, on a track just for you. Plus, you have the option to use the bar throughout your visit, and what’s better, you can bring your own food, tracks or favorite prosecco!

For axe throwing, it’s best to head to Axe Nation – the oldest club in Poland, years of experience ensure the best experiences with this entertainment. Check out what it looks like!

Axe Throwing at a Bachelorette Party!

Unusual attractions for bachelorette parties vary as much as you do! So when looking for ideas, look for what you like, not what is expected of you! It’s your day, not everyone else’s! Girls rule!

So, what attraction will you choose?