Extreme and unusual sports are gaining popularity throughout Poland. One of the newest trends
attracting an increasing number of enthusiasts is axe throwing at targets. This unique form of
entertainment, also known as axe throwing at a target, is winning the hearts of both amateurs
and professional athletes. In this blog post, we will explore what this new sport entails, its rules,
benefits, and where you can try your hand at axe throwing.

What Is Axe Throwing at Targets?

Axe throwing at targets is an activity that originated in Canada and is quickly gaining popularity
worldwide. It involves throwing specially designed axes at a wooden target. The goal is to hit the
bullseye, which requires precision, concentration, and proper technique. Although it may sound
dangerous, it is entirely safe, especially in professional clubs where all safety regulations are
strictly followed.

Rules of Axe Throwing at a Target


Specially designed axes are used for throwing, which differ from those used in everyday
household tasks. They have the appropriate weight, shape, and balance to allow for safe and
accurate throws. The target, at which the axes are thrown, is made of soft wood that easily
catches the axe blades.


Proper throwing technique is crucial for success. The thrower must stand at an appropriate
distance from the target (usually about 4-5 meters), hold the axe with one or both hands by the
handle, and then throw it towards the target, aiming for the bullseye. It’s important to throw
smoothly, without jerking, which increases the chances of an accurate throw.


There are many different match rules and types of targets. The most popular scoring system is
according to the IATF federation. The target is divided into several zones, each corresponding to
different points. The center of the target, called the “bullseye,” scores the highest points. The
further from the center, the fewer points can be earned. Axe throwing competitions often consist
of several rounds where participants try to score as many points as possible.

Benefits of Axe Throwing at Targets

Stress Relief

One of the main reasons people choose axe throwing at a target is the opportunity to relieve
stress. Focusing on throwing and aiming allows you to disconnect from everyday problems and

Physical Fitness Improvement

Although it may seem that axe throwing is mainly a manual activity, it actually engages the whole
body. Regular training can contribute to improving physical fitness by strengthening the muscles
of the arms, back, and legs.

Skill Development

Axe throwing requires precision, concentration, and patience. Regular training helps develop
these skills, which can bring benefits in other areas of life.

Social Integration

Axe throwing is also an excellent form of social integration. Joint training and competitions foster
new friendships and build relationships. Many clubs also organize events and tournaments that
attract people with similar interests.

Where Can You Try Axe Throwing at Targets?

Clubs and Entertainment Centers

In Poland, there are more and more clubs and entertainment centers offering the opportunity for
axe throwing at a target. One of the most renowned places is Axe Nation, which has locations
in the largest cities in the country. These clubs provide professional conditions for training,
including the necessary equipment and qualified instructors.

Events and Festivals

Axe throwing is increasingly appearing at various events and festivals. Organizers of such events
offer special zones where participants can try their hand at this unusual sport.

Workshops and Training

For those who want to delve deeper into the art of axe throwing, workshops and training are also
available. Conducted by experienced instructors, they allow for learning proper techniques and
advanced tricks.

How to Start Your Adventure with Axe Throwing at a Target?

Choosing a Club

The first step is to choose the right club. It’s important to select a place that provides professional
training conditions and ensures participant safety. It’s also worth paying attention to the reviews
of other customers and the club’s offerings.

First Training

During the first training session, participants learn the basic rules of axe throwing, technique, and
safety guidelines. It’s beneficial to take advantage of the instructor’s help, who can assist in
improving technique and provide valuable tips.

Regular Training

As with any sport, regular training is key to success. Systematic axe throwing allows for skill
development and achieving better results.


Axe throwing at targets is an exciting new sport gaining popularity in Poland. It is an excellent
form of entertainment that combines elements of competition, concentration, and physical fitness.
Axe throwing at a target allows for stress relief, physical fitness improvement, and skill
development. Thanks to professional clubs like Axe Nation, anyone can try their hand at this
unique discipline.
If you’re looking for a new hobby, want to try something new, or just have fun, axe throwing at a target is the perfect choice. We invite you to visit axe throwing clubs and join the growing
community of enthusiasts of this exceptional sport.